Communications Breakdown?

Alert madness, response paranoia, or distraction overload is affecting us all.

Even in this past year alone, Social Media and Mobile Communications has vastly changed the way we communicate. With so many options like email, txting, chat, to video and pictures with annotation sharing we get hammered all day long with communications and alerts. To try and take control we’ve loaded up our devices with apps to handle all of these different forms of communications from different companies or social sites.

But thats a pretty inefficient way to communicate right? That forces us to open all these apps or sites to respond which is slow and time consuming. Ultimately, with that lifestyle we can’t keep up with the Social Vibe of our community. Fail! We need a better way to handle the way we communicate in the connected world,  a faster way for us to filter, view and respond.

What if you had a communications dashboard where ALL forms of your online communications were centralized?

All of your notifications, messages, pictures video and txt messages, social messages, likes follows and so on were in one location, one app and one service?

That is were Online Communications is going – Your personal communications center that you can add any app to so all your apps are in one place with one login and one way to manage alerts, notifications and so on.