GMAIL Inbox is a completely new app for GMAIL. Google has taken the best of GMAIL and added features to make managing your daily communications easy and effortless.


GMAIL inbox ScreenshotBUNDLES

GMAIL Inbox Bundles automatically sort your emails into simple bundle categories such as promotions, purchases or important communications from people in your contact list. Create your own bundle for things that matter to you like responses to social posts, or business emails that choice is yours.



GMAIL inbox Highlights takes your incoming emails and displays snippets of their text along with any images or videos that are contained within. This makes it easy to view and prioritize emails with just a glance.



To Do’s are your tasks and are featured at the top of your inbox. Now you can finally keep all your action items from emails in one place reducing the peck and hunt for information and helping you be faster at getting things done.



Many of us breeze through email and find some are important, some are junk, and some you just need to read later. By hitting snooze you can choose when to be reminded about that email. In an hour, 4 hours, tomorrow or next week. Make email prioritization smart with snooze and stop forgetting to respond to important communications.


GMAIL INBOX Beta Program

Gmail Inbox is not yet available to the public, but you can join the beta program by:

Loging into your GMAIL Account and sending a request to: